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Regional Hall of Fame 2017 - Cascades Tropical Storm

Cascades Tropical Storm

Region 2
Owner/Handler: Sue Ferrari

Cascades Tropical Storm came home to Yakima with her sister. "Stormie" was always the smaller of the two, and George and Sue were told she might never pull or live. A vet check just before they picked her up, showed a possible heart murmur. Sue had to have Stormie anyway, it didn't matter to Sue.

This little girl never ceased to amaze Sue. Besides taking over a very large part of Sue's heart, she proved that she had the heart of a lion. She never gave up on Sue or on herself.

Fast forward to January of 2013, right after Sue had foot surgery, the Ferrari's had a snow pull. That night when they got home from Spokane, Stormie twisted her stomach. Sue was on crutches and not much help. They gathered Stormie up and raced to the emergency vet, where Sue knew she had to say goodbye. George was determined to not let that happen, so they had the surgery done. With help from dear friend Jim Galli, George and Sue got Stormie transported the next morning to their regular vet. Stormie was pretty shy and standoffish, so the vet had quite a time trying to get Stormie to eat and take her pills. Remember, Sue was still on crutches and relying on their son to get Sue around. Sue's morning started at the vet to get Stormie's pills down, went to work, back to the vet on the way home; doing this for a week. Finally, Stormie came home for an overnight visit, in hopes to get her to eat. Stormie and Sue spent a lot of time trying to heal up together. Sue will never forget the only thing Stomie would eat were Beggin Strips, thanks to the Ferrari's son Mason for suggesting it. Not the best diet, but Stormie had to learn she could eat and it wouldn't hurt. Sue wasn't able to do any work with Stormie, as it was more important to make sure she was completely healed. But off to Canada they went with Stormie that year. After a snow competition, Sue packed snow around Stormie's kennel and Stormie slept all day during the wheels competition. Sue was just happy Stormie was still with them, and didn't care how the outcome was. The heart of the lion truly came out, when they walked away with a Gold Medal on wheels. Sue was shocked, that Stormie honored Sue with putting her complete trust and love in Sue. Sue knew Stormie was a Gold Medalist in her heart, but this time they had proof.

Stormie has competed with so many great dogs, past and still competing. It was truly an honor to be amongst them all. Stormie was the Ferrari's most medaled puller to date. Sue truly couldn't have asked for anything more. Sue wants Rodney Martin that Stormie just wouldn't let yo into her very small circle of friends, but she certainly looked great in her special harness.

Stormie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge the day before Thanksgiving in 2016. She had developed a limp that turned out to be a cancerous tumor wrapped around her leg up at her shoulder. Stormie was in pain, and wouldn't have survived surgery. Sue had to let her go….. Run free big girl, free of pain and with all the great pulling dogs.

Stormie has earned Regional medals on both snow and wheels each year during her pulling career beginning in 2009/2010 season through this season, except this season she only earned a Regional medal on wheels. Stormie earned an International Medal on snow at the Championships in 2012. She earned International Medals on both snow and wheels in 2013 and an International Medal on wheels in 2014 and lastly she earned an International medal on snow in 2015.

Cascade Hurricane Allie has come into Sue's life now, the spitting image of Sue's Stormie. All Sue can say is, you have some pretty big foot prints to fill little lady.

Stormie has earned Regional Hall of Fame status. The Board of Directors during their annual meeting in June, will consider Stormie for induction into the International Hall of Fame.

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