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Regional Hall of Fame 2023 - Halo


Region 6
Owner/Handler: Wendy Lake

Halo was found running in 5 lanes of traffic in Flint Michigan. Not a great place to be lost. Of course I stopped and opened the car door. She jumped right in. After a trip to the vet to get her scanned for a chip and health check I thought there was something special about this dog. Any dog that can come into a home with 3 APBTs and 10 basenjis and not have any troubles is special. That was a lucky day for both of us. Halo got a home and 3 meals a day and I got a great dog.

Halo's first pull was in 2012, pulling 215 lbs. She started the 2013-14 season pulling 881 lbs finishing 4th. She caught on to this pulling game quick because the next day she won her class with a pull of 1029 lbs. Each time she pulled she gained confidence and went on to win 8 straight events including the 2017-18 International Championship 60# class and also taking MWPP. What broke the winning streak? Handler Error! She then went on to win the next 10 pulls. Halo earned Working Dog, Working Dog Excellent and Working Dog Superior Titles and 14 MWPP. She won 18 out of 24 pulls. 23/24 pulls were working dog degree legs, 18 of those 23 were superior legs. Carpet : 2225lbs MWP and 38.36% MWPP Dirt: 2137lbs MWP and 38.85% MWPP. Not bad for a dog that spent more time sleeping on the couch, digging massive holes, chasing rabbits, frogging, riding on the boat and barking at the UPS driver than training.

I started pulling IWPA in 2001. Halo was my first dog to medal at championships. That was an amazing day. Family I don't see often from Florida and Canada and friends all came to support Halo. I was trying to keep Halo cooled off and ready for the next pull when Ted Gerke came over and said Halo won! I was shocked. I thought 4 dogs were still pulling. I guess I was concentrating on Halo and lost track of things. It seemed to be a full circle moment because Halo was wearing my first pulling dog, Storm's harness.

After the 2019-20 season Halo had patella luxation surgery. She returned for the next season and earned a silver medal but something still was not right. Halo had to have her spleen removed. Halo had such a big heart she would have continued pulling but since she had achieved so much, I decided to retired her. I had so much fun pulling with Halo because I knew she would give her all every pull. The best part of a pull for Halo was walking out of the chute and getting all the pats on the head from everyone. I enjoyed watching her entire body wiggle and her tail wag. Halo is so smart, the pull before my hip surgery I released her and hobbled to the right towards the finish line. She had started pulling but went to the left towards the line and beat me across it as if she knew not to touch me. Halo loves everyone and every dog. She taught Piper to weight pull. I doubt I will ever have another Halo.

Region 6 60# Class
2 Gold Medals-Wheels
3 Silver Medals-Wheels

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